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Finally saw poison the well - [[[POISON THE WELL]]]

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April 21st, 2004

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11:12 am - Finally saw poison the well
on sunday i went to the palladium to see thursday and poison the well...spitalfield and engine down were also playing..but i only heard one song by spitalfield..and never heard of engine down so i didnt really care about them..

spitalfield went on first..they were pretty good..the pits already started breaking out..engine down was next..and they werent horrible..they were just really boring..so me and my friends went to sit down

then poison the well went on...i was wicked excited to finally see them...me and my friend went to the floor and my two other friends stayed up on the stairs...the floor was crazy atfirst..some kid got a bloody nose...but the crowd calmed down after apathy is a cold body..i was really dissappointed with poison the wells set...they only played 2 old songs..botchla and arts rendering in me...everything else was new..and its not that i dont like thier new song..i just like thier old stuff alot more..its so much better..they should have played nerdyyyy..the crowd was cheering it..haha..they still dindt play it though...

thursday was next..they were AMAZING..they played every song i wanted to hear..and so many more after that...the lights they used were crazy..they used color strobe lights and it was awesome..hm..id see them again any time....
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: hopesfall-decoys like curves

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